Saturday, August 9, 2014

Scenes From The India Of Old: Darjeeling

Here is a sampling of some lantern slides I took in the last century: As a break from the metropolitan routines of Calcutta, a few leisurely steps round the remarkable heights of Darjeeling, in the merry month of May...

The second night, there came the most gigantic thunder/lightning/rain storm I have ever beheld.
Most fitting, as Darjeeling means 'Place of the Thunderbolt'.

Indeed, it is Indra's playground!

And through it all, the Darjeeling-Himalayan Railway still chugs up and down...

Darjeeling! Where tea and thunder meet...

(Enlarge first plate for lantern slide show)

(All photos ©by Brian Paul Bach, as stated)


  1. Such wonderful captures! Every shot has so much in it- visually stimulating and aesthetically rich. It is amazing how you manage to effectively freeze for posterity, the essence of a locale everytime. Thank you Brian for your inimitable contribution to the world, yes indeed.

  2. Awesome pictures.....truly enjoyed each of them. Always been nostalgic about Darjeeling. All the best to you!