Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Favorite Mercedes: 1938 Oddball: The 130H

As seen on Park Street in Calcutta, being waxed for The Statesman car show: The 130H, Mercedes' bid for a Beetle-like 'people's car'. WWII intervened.

The next day, all dolled up, it emerged from the show at Ft. William and buzzed away, across the Maidan.

Extremely rare. Runs like a top. Note working semaphores!
(all ©)

My Favorite Rolls: 1926 Phantom I

As seen at the Birla Museum of Science & Technology in Calcutta. Dig the oversized 'Spirit of Ecstasy' !
(all ©)

Radical Rolling Sculpture: 1958 Lincoln Capri

Isamu Noguchi could have designed it! (Maybe he did - in secret...) (©)

Misunderstood Orphan: 1959 Edsel

What's not to like? With Ed-O-Matic transmission. (©)

Friday, July 13, 2012