Friday, December 2, 2016

Mad Dogs and Dainty Dons, Out in the Imperial Sun

Mad Dogs and Dainty Dons,

Out in the Imperial Sun!

In what promises to be a brilliant season of much-needed political satire, we kick things off with the following cheerful, rollicking, and unimpeachably accurate review of the heaven-sent material at hand, for there is much to answer to!

Back in yore-days, rulers of importance tended to surround themselves with unsavoury figures of all kinds. And beyond such a circle, protection of the first order was always required. In the case of NERO, who ruled the Roman Empire with a limp member, the Prætorian Guard were sworn to protect the Emperor at all cost - although he was on his own if ever he chose radical means to decamp from any pickle he happened to find himself in...

Which brings us to to-day, when traditions from yore-days are still very much in play.

Let us consider the Latest Epic of Our Times, which has just commenced.

Here, on the New York isle, up in one of Manhattan's most undistinguished and dull high-rises, The Donald has established his INTERGALACTIC HEADQUARTERS, from which the destiny of billions (of dollars) shall be determined - and then seen through, to utter completion.

Regard this gloomy pile, and mourn - mourn for the land that is no more!

But up in the Golden Kitsch Suites, there's BIZNESS that must be seen to.

Like the God-Emperors of the past, top-flight security measures become top priority!

Thus, The Donald reveals his dainty side, by wishing to surround himself with
'You're-So-Strong' warriors, monumental generals, schooled in the arts of Asymmetrical (and Assyrian) Warfare™, so as to prosecute
The Leader and Teacher's Guidance


Here then, is how it came about...

The power of brilliant cinema can nevertheless influence mediocre minds...

Shall this then, be our waiting scenario...?