Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Extremely Rare Screen Shots From My 1969 Epic, 'Death Desert'

I scripted, produced & directed this picture, 'Death Desert' in July 1969
Starring Kevin Keeffe as Plumpet Maximus (who also co-scripted)
with Drave Appleyard as Butler Primmumm
and Alekzander Z. Burnstein, Manny Sheptz, Pete Slæker, Don Czkhyshz and Peanutz White
Music by Jerome Moross, Dimitri Tiomkin, Miklos Rozsa, Alex North, and Bronislau Kaper
A United Pyramid Release, in SuperPyraScope 90 and WonderColour
(all plates © by BP Bach)
[Click on first pic for slideshow]

Critics were universally appalled by this bizarre tale, which deeply shocked the nation.

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